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What is the meaning of dull ache? dull, blunt, obtuse mean not sharp, keen, or acute. dull suggests a lack or loss of keenness, zest, or pungency. a dull pain a dull mind blunt suggests an inherent lack of sharpness or quickness of feeling or perception.
What's the best over the counter medicine for back pain? Top 3 Over-the-Counter Remedies for Back Pain (Plus a Fourth) Tylenol (acetaminophen) Tylenol (brand name) is acetaminophen (generic). 2.Advil/Motrin (ibuprofen) These two brands contain the same active ingredient, ibuprofen. Aleve (naproxen) Aleve is the brand name of the generic drug naproxen. Doan's. Learn more:
What vitamins help with body aches? Vitamin D. Vitamin D really does the body good. In addition to aiding in the absorption of calcium to build strong muscles and bones, vitamin D helps reduce inflammation and regulate the immune system.
What foods are good for body aches? 10 Foods That Fight Pain Ginger. A staple of traditional medicine, this pungent root is probably best known for its anti-nausea, stomach-soothing properties. Blueberries. These little juicy gems have lots of phytonutrients that may fight inflammation and lessen pain. Pumpkin Seeds. Salmon. Turmeric. Tart Cherries. Virgin Olive Oil. Chili Peppers.
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